2018 Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy — New Toyz!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Oh no, now I have that Ren and Stimpy song in my head! 😂

Welcome to 2018 everyone! We are excited to have you along for our kinky adventures! In our household, the year just doesn’t seem to start off right without a trip to Lover’s Lane to stock up on some goodies for their semi-annual 50% off sale. If you missed it just 1 week ago, mark your calendars for January 1, 2019! There is also another unannounced sale, perhaps, sometime in June?

The New Year’s Day sale is a great way to stock up on essentials like lube and stockings. It is also a great way to try out something new that you have had your eyes on for awhile.

At least, that is our strategy. I have had my eye on the Liberator Fascinator Throw. It is fuzzy on one side, satin on the other and has a protective barrier inside. Now, we can have some soaking, wet fun and not mess up the sofa, a chair or my wonderful mattress! And after all of that wonderful fun, we can throw it in the washer and then the dryer! Any reader suggestions on what type of messes we might make first?

I was all set to order online, and skip our sub zero temperatures. Unfortunately, the throw was sold out online! 🙁  We bundled up for a little road trip and headed to our local Lover’s Lane. It was awesome to see our 3 favorite sales associates who know us practically by name. They are fun, knowledgeable and always happy to see us hear about our kinky life.

Our 2018 New Year’s Stash

Some new additions this year:

  • Fun Factory BÜCK DICH Dildo Paddle, a toy that serves as a 2-for-1 special. It is a nice texturized silicone paddle with a dick grip. It has a bit of weight to it and primarily a thuddy feel.
  • Liquid Latex in black. zucchini has never tried it and I think this will be awesome for sensational play.
  • Pjur lady lubricants
  • Assorted sexy, fishnet and lacey thigh highs and stockings
  • Sexy school girl costume
  • Zero Tolerance Lightning Rod silicone vibrator for prostrate and other play
Testing out the new Toyz!

What’s better than coming home from a munch on Saturday night with your Mistress who wore a school girl outfit and having her invite her slave to crawl across her lap for a spanking? zucchini was even allowed to select the implement of choice. Voilà! he chose the BÜCK DICH!

BÜCK DICH or Bend Over

A terrific and kinky start to 2018. And, get your spank on!

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  1. Michael says:

    Sounded like fun. Nice toys by the way.

  2. Lady Aana says:

    Thanks, Michael! We are looking forward to using all of the new toys and sharing more about them in our kinkyAtoz Adventures!

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