C is for …

Wow, so many kinky C’s come to mind:

  • Cages
  • Canes
  • CBT
  • Chastity
  • Collars
  • Corporal punishment
  • Corsetry
  • Crops
  • Cuffs

That would be a lot to cover in one post. A little over a year ago, zucchini approached me about chastity. Woohoo, one of the big kinky C’s!

Since we had first met and our relationship began to progress, zucchini was given a list of Do’s and Do NOT’s. Some were daily and some were weekly or even monthly in frequency. One of his first personal requirements was to eliminate masturbation and truly have self-moderated chastity. He was not allowed to touch his cock and balls in any way. Sounds crazy right? Well, on a couple of occasions, I did have him edge for me. You might ask, what is edging? It is that point of almost no return, where you stop yourself right before the very edge of an amazing orgasm!

Chastity is the strictest form of orgasm denial. For male chastity, the testicles are inserted into a ring, like a cock ring, and then the penis is pulled through the ring with the testicles. The ring attaches to a cage which encloses the penis and depending on the style, it is locked with a padlock or an internal key. While the penis is enclosed, he cannot touch or stroke his penis. Plus, if he gets turned on, his growth is very limited and being in the cage causes some pain. Morning wood can also be quite painful! 😟 In the chastity cages we have used, there is an opening at the end so that the urine flows when he needs to go pee-pee.

a caged zucchini!
a caged zucchini!

One of my favorite benefits of using chastity is that he has to sit down on the toilet like a girl in order to pee. Another added benefit for us Domina’s is that something changes in a man’s brain when his cock no longer gets to control where things are going. His behavior begins to change and he begins to become more attentive, more obedient and more concerned about pleasing me.

zucchini purchased his first chastity cage on his own and surprised me by wearing it with the lock holding it in place, but NOT yet locked. He truly did want to please me by being in chastity 24/7 until I saw him a again and decided if I would release him or not. Hearing the snap of a lock 🔒 is always quite delightful and a huge turn on for me. The key 🔑 which I own has the power to grant or deny release. Just imagine what it feels like to have a women or even a man own the key which controls your cock!

Funny story about our first week in chastity. I ordered a special black lock on Etsy to replace zucchini’s lock, just in case he might have hidden an extra key some place. I am responsible and always test locks with both keys before I lock up a cock or anything else for that matter. When zucchini returned to me the next Saturday, I planned to let him out to take a shower to address personal hygiene. Guess what? Neither of the keys worked for unlocking the lock! He was surprisingly calm. I guess I was a bit more freaked out than he was. I contacted the Etsy vendor  who did absolutely nothing and said he had never had any problem with his locks. Obviously, this lock was defective!

zucchini had another straight week in chastity while we tried some lock cleaner without success.  Finally, I had to use the bolt cutters we purchased to cut the lock. I was totally impressed by his dedication and overwhelming trust in me. I think I was more freaked out than he was.

I will share more about the chastity devices that we have used and are also considering for the future in another post.

Have you ever practiced edging?
Experienced orgasm denial?
Have you ever experienced chastity?
Please share? I would love to know your thoughts and feelings about your experiences.

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  1. Michael says:

    Getting interesting for sure!

    1. Lady Aana says:

      Have you ever edged Michael? Been in chastity?

      1. Michael says:

        No never have. I sure would struggle with that

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