B is for Bratty

What happens when the Mistress is away and zucchini plays?

Ah, well he gets quite mischievious or shall I say bratty! For example, while shopping at Target, he loves to re-arrange the mugs on display to spell words like BDSM.  


And well, at home, he recently added 2 separate pairs of my black handcuffs to the eye bolts that are screwed into the bedframe at the head of the bed. Since our bedframe is dark espresso in color, I did not notice them right away. And so, he felt compelled to ask if I had seen them while making the bed one morning.

Hmmm….  looks like my zucchini was aching for some attention! Did he get it?

He always gets attention from me!  However, he doesn’t always get it when he wants it, or how he wants it. Last evening the cuffs were perfect for the devious thoughts in my mind. I locked each of his wrists into one of the black hand cuffs. They are the shorter, black Smith & Wesson cuffs. While locked 🔒 and cuffed, he had very little wiggle room.

It was so easy for me to bite and torture his poor nipples as I so love to do! He couldn’t try to cover and protect himself or try to push my hands away. Instead, he suffered through it expressing his agony and ecstasy through his moans and whimpers.

I grabbed his collar and thanked him for such a clever idea and attaching the cuffs so that they are so easily accessible to me for use. I said,

‘It’s not exactly what you were expecting, is it, my slave?’ And he responded, ‘No, my Lady Aana.’

Actually, it was even better!

My friend and fellow Domina, Lady M recently posted on Monkey In A Cage about how they are going to celebrate the 12 Days of Edgemas. I fell in love with her idea and decided to implement zucchini’s 12 Days of Edgemas as well.  One of my favorite kinks is tease and denial. We practice this in a variety of ways, including chastity, edging and tease and denial. I love having that power and control over my subbie hubbie’s cock! So on precisely December 12th, our edging began.

zucchini was already getting so hot and bothered. Snapping the handcuffs brought zucchini straight to attention! Add to that nipple torture, grabbing his collar and biting his neck, and he was truly ready to go!  Oh, did I mention that zucchini has NOT been allowed to cum in a really, really, REALLY long time!

All, I needed was some lube to get him started. I drizzled Organica onto a throbbing zucchini and used my fingers and hands to masturbate ‘my’ cock, pulling from the base to the head, stroking and using that special pressure that gets him going every time. I played with zucchini for quite some time, hearing his cries

‘My Lady Aana, if you continue, I am going to explode, I won’t be able to control it!’

I continued to edge him until he truly couldn’t take it any longer. Plus, he knew if he did cum without my permission, he would be required to eat all of his cum and also receive 50 lashes with my cane.

A very productive evening indeed! zucchini was successful in avoiding 50 strokes and successfully completed our first day of Edgemas!

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